About Us

Welcome to our Website.

S J Stenhouse Stonemasonry is a small company which offers a comprehensive and cost effective range of stonemasonry services within the building industry.

We are flexible, innovative, and keen to discuss the needs of individual customers.

From stone maintenance or repair, through new building work, or bespoke stone carving, come and speak to us. We can help.

Traditional Methods.

We like to see things done properly and understand the damage caused to stonework by inappropriate repairs or use of cement based mortars.  We have knowledge and experience using traditional lime mortars, and understand the importance of adequate pinning and weather protection.  We don’t recommend lime mortar because it’s traditional, we use it by default because there is nothing better.

Whether you are a prospective client or project architect, if you intend to specify stone in connection with a particular project, speak to a Stonemason at the earliest opportunity. Early advice can save you money and open your eyes to what is actually available. You might be surprised.

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