Glass & Steel

Glass & Steel

When we look at the iconic works such as the 12th Century Urnes stave church in Norway, or perhaps Hector Guimard’s 1890 Castel Beranger in Paris, we are  inspired to try that much harder to contribute something positive to our built environment,  unlike the typically bland ‘modern‘ constructions, which contribute nothing at all.

We do favour entirely traditional stonework, however it does have it’s shortcomings. Damp proofing technology was limited in the past, often leaving the building’s occupants with Hobson’s choice between dampness and condensation, or drafty ventilation and crippling heat loss.  A stone wall’s thermal performance is poor by modern standards, and the typical absence of a cavity unsettles modern designers.

Our method of construction resolves these issues while remaining true to the principles of solid masonry construction, and sidesteps what we perceive to be an over dependence on structural timber in the modern construction industry.

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