Mansfield Workshop Hawick

Project: Stone Workshop, Mansfield Road, Hawick.

Client: Ourselves.

We are also investing in our own future with the construction of our own commercial workshop and premises in Hawick. When it’s complete, we intend for our unit to showcase the best of what we have to offer as a company, and illustrate the range and variety of stone walling and special features available. We also have experience using lime renders and stone repair mortars, and we hope to reflect these options via demonstration panels. Our unit is still an unfinished work in progress, although the yard itself is already fully operational.

Our longer term objectives include diversification into house building, -but traditional stone build properties which encompass modern damp proofing systems and insulation unavailable to such properties in the past. All too often we think stone is made to work too hard to accommodate ‘modern’ detailing, and most of the considerable benefits intrinsic with traditional mass stone construction are overlooked.

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